Unbeatable Trucking and Transport Services

Our central warehouse in Troisdorf offers optimal local availability of parts.

All orders undergo a quality check before being securely packaged on EUR-pallets.

Regular orders are ready for transportation within 3-5 business days and can be delivered worldwide via truck, airplane, or ship.

EVENTUS LOG. provides the following transport solutions:

Automotive Tools

Discover our comprehensive range of genuine and OEM electric,
pneumatic or manually operated tools:

Gardening tools

High-pressure cleaner,
shears, shredders and more.

Hand tools

Torque tools, socket wrenches,
workshop trolleys and more.

Painting tools

Spray guns, accessories,
spare parts and more.

Pneumatic tools

Ratchet wrenches, impact wrenches,
grinding machines and more.

Power tools

Cordless drills, angle grinders,
spare parts and more.

Special tools

Axle tools, brake servicing tools,
power tools and more.

Tool supplies

Electrical tape, cloths,
batteries and more.