Unbeatable Trucking and Transport Services

Our central warehouse in Troisdorf offers optimal local availability of parts.

All orders undergo a quality check before being securely packaged on EUR-pallets.

Regular orders are ready for transportation within 3-5 business days and can be delivered worldwide via truck, airplane, or ship.

EVENTUS LOG. provides the following transport solutions:

Car Passenger Parts

Discover our comprehensive range of car parts -
from high-quality exhaust systems to a wide range of accessories:


Tow ropes, transport systems,
snow chains, coolers and more.

Air conditioning

Condensers, interior fans,
compressors and more.


Car batteries, drive batteries,
battery accessories and more.


Brake discs, brake pads,
brake callipers and more.

Belt drive

Belt kits, rollers,
belts and more.

Car body

Body parts, exterior mirrors,
pneumatic springs and more.


Wheel suspensions, wheel bearings,
tuning and more.


Car care, oils, car
chemicals and more.

Clutch & gearbox

Clutch kits, flywheels,
clutch parts and more.

Cooling circuit

Water pumps, coolers,
thermostats and more.

Drive system

Drive shafts, suspensions,
convoluted rubber gaiters and more.

Electrical system & electronics

Central electric system, lighting,
sensor technology and more.


Fuel metering system,
turbocharger, gaskets and more.

Exhaust system

Mufflers, particulate filters,
exhaust assembly technology and more.


Oil filters, interior filters,
air filters and more.


Auxiliary heating, spare parts,
accessories and more.


Steering parts, steering gears,
power steering pumps and more.

Suspension & absorption

Suspension springs, shock absorbers,
attachment parts and more.

Wheels & tyres

Tyres, steel wheels, balancing weights
and more.


Windshields, window accessories,
rear windows and more.